Christmas Story Competition

'When the Christmas Trees Came to Town'

First Prize - £50 book voucher from John Sandoe Books

The winner is Halima Ali, a Year 9 student from The Chelsea Academy

When the Christmas trees came to town,
All those in a mood would switch up their frown,
For the trees were lit up in King’s Road,
And the lights gleamed and glowed.
When the Christmas trees came for us to see,
All those in Chelsea were filled with glee,
As the autumn leaves blew in the air,
The busy streets were filled with shoppers in Duke of York Square.
When the Christmas trees dressed the streets,
Shops began to fill with small festive treats,
While the Saturday markets filled the air with a variety of smells,
The jolly carols can be heard with a ringing of bells.
When the Christmas trees became alive,
The winter solstice began to arrive,
With this comes the opening of gifts,
And all those spirits Christmas seems to lift.