There is something very special about The King's Road in Chelsea. No one can quite define it. That's the point. It's visceral. It's made up of generations of memories all woven into a love affair that's indescribable. So why try.

Just come on over and get the feeling for yourself. Stroll along. Kick back. Mooch. Drop the pace. Still the mind. Catch the breeze. Forget the world, just jump on the tube, catch the bus, hail a taxi, get the plane, phone the chauffeur, ride the bike or take a walk. However you want to get here is fine by us. 

Join us for a special time and mix it up. 

If you want to find out what's happening in the shops here - check out the various shopping sites listed below or get one of the magazines with all the latest. If you want to know what's going on that's especially cool this Christmas check back with us - where we will give you the inside track on what's here from those who live and work here every day.

This site and all related services as well as the Christmas decorations and displays are funded independently by those who live, work and learn here. For a full list of all those who have contributed to keeping The King's Road bright this season see below.